Thursday, 19 February 2009


I was messing around with the Mozilla Firefox configuration, trying to make my setup faster and to fix the ever-lasting memory leak issues. The last time I checked the memory usage of Firefox, it was sailing high at roughly 160,000K. Just for the record, I use only a handful of extensions (namely AdBlock, Linkification, DownThemAll, CustomizeGoogle, and MR Tech Toolkit) and had only 3 tabs open when I checked my Firefox memory usage. Granted, I am currently using a rather old Dell Latitude D610 (which I will soon replace with a Macbook), but even then, I do feel Firefox should not be such a resource hog.

Anyway, this post is not about the performance of Firefox, but instead about the about:mozilla URL which I accidentally discovered while trying various commands. Unfortunately, it indeed turns out that about:lol does not achieve anything. As for the about:mozilla command, Mozilla should change the background color, which is extremely annoying.

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