Saturday, 23 May 2009 - the unofficial google shell proudly proclaims itself as "the unofficial google shell" (apparently, uppercase letters are overrated, so I will just tag along). Written by Stefan Grothkopp, goosh essentially acts as an AJAX front-end for Google. Its advantages are that it is extremely fast since it is merely a shell and that it gets rid of the long-winded descriptions that usually come with Google searches and sponsored listing. goosh is not just extremely fast, it is ridiculously fast.


The thing to note about goosh is that it will by default return the first four results for your search, which is actually a good idea, since it is no secret that nobody gives a damn about links other than the top three (unless you used a non-top three link to reach this blog, which makes it okay). However, rest assured that these settings can be changed as goosh already offers several commands, which are more than enough to make it worth bookmarking.

Of course, one could come up with the argument that most Internet providers now offer fast speeds at extremely affordable costs and that people still using dial-up should just stop using computers altogether and go back to using Sir Alan Sugar's Amstrad. However, mobile Internet is on the rise, and when browsing the Internet using devices such as an iTouch (hell yeah!) or a Blackberry (hell no!), goosh can be extremely useful.

goosh also works exactly as a shell and the commands are intuitive (and can always be displayed simply by typing h), thereby giving it a learning curve of at most 2 seconds. If all this doesn't convince you to give it a try and to add it to your Firefox search engines (command addengine), I honestly don't know what will.

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