Friday, 1 October 2010

IMDB rolled its new layout, and it's not even working in Firefox

GameFAQs did it, Facebook did it, Twitter's currently doing it, and IMDB just joined the wagon...It got a new layout. I'm not against layout changes personally. If implemented right, they can be a good thing. Change can be a great thing, and it's even more important on a fast changing environment such as the Internet.

IMDB thus launched its new layout. It's horrible. They took a great, easy-to-understand layout and turned it into garbage. It's cluttered and extremely difficult to scan or just look up quickly information. That's a pretty big mistake because a lot of people visit IMDB to quickly check up on some details in the main details section or the trivia section. There's usually a choice between IMDB and Wikipedia but the latter does have the problem of putting spoilers right in your face. As such, it's usually better to stick to IMDB unless you don't mind having your movies spoiled.

Normally, even if a website's design got worse, I would not mind for long as there's always the probability that one's going to get used to it, mainly due to a lack of options. However, IMDB tooks things futher.

IMDB does not work. A lot of features do not work in Firefox. You cannot rate movies in Firefox. Ironically, the feedback form they explicitly created to obtain comments on the new layout will not even submit. So, if you are using Firefox to visit IMDB and just want to point out that you can no longer rate movies, tough luck. You will have to switch to Internet Explorer (assuming that everything on IMDB is fine in at least in Internet Explorer) to report all these glaring problems. I am guessing IMDB does not bother testing its new layouts before it rolls them out.

Thankfully, there is the option to revert to the old IMDB layout, but there is no guarantee that this option will always be available, or if it's just a temporary feature until people stop complaining about features not working and how cluttered the new IMDB looks like. I certainly hope this option is available as long as the main IMDB features (such as, you know, voting on movies) are not working on Firefox.


wooden gate said...

Epic Fail from whoever sorts out the web design in that company!

buy now pay later said...

I hope by now they have solved the issues about imdb not accessible in firefox. If not, it is a sad thing for imdb having established itself as a good site (if you're into movies).

Keir said...

It's absolutely rubbish. I couldn't even find the discuss this film feature because in its place were big boxes which apparently serve to inform me of people I don't know who also happened to look at the page. Who demands such 'features'? Now I'm more inclined to just see the entry for films on Wikipedia.