Monday, 4 October 2010

The most beautiful beaches in Seychelles

Seychelles has become a very popular destination with tourists thanks to its beautiful beaches, its great weather, and its affordability compared to other destinations. The important thing for someone who wishes to visit Seychelles is to keep in mind that Seychelles is actually composed of several small islands and is not in fact a single island. The main islands are Praslin and Mahé, which are both favorites among tourists, but the other islands are similarly beautiful and well worth visiting.

The main attraction in Seychelles is of course its exquisite beaches which rank among the best in the world. However, due to an amazingly large number of beaches in Seychelles which may confuse visitors not used to such a selection, it becomes a chore to decide which beach to visit first. As such, people going to the Seychelles for their holidays or honeymoon may wish to read about the Seychelles beaches before their plane lands.

This will ensure that they do not waste time deciding which beach to visit once they get there. It is also recommended that they use a car hire Seychelles company to rent a car instead of using a guide. This will allow them to visit the different beaches at their own pace as a guide may want to stick to his own programme.

The best beach to visit in Seychelles is Anse Lazio, which is at the North end of Praslin. Anse Lazio remains a unique site with large boulders on each end of the beach and the whitest sand one can find in the world. This Seychelles beach is generally regarded as one of the finest beaches in the world and is thus always packed with tourists but is a must-see for anyone visiting the Seychelles.

Another incredibly beautiful bleach is Beau Vallon, which is an extremely popular hangout for tourists and comes with a complete set of activities such as parasailing and snorkeling. While Praslin's Anse Lazio is the place to go for a quiet day on the beach to sunbathe, Beau Vallon is the place to go if you like participating in activities. Fishing and diving are two other activities readily available, and there's something for everybody’s tastes.

Finally, another beach that must absolutely be visited in Seychelles is the one in Port Victoria. While the water is not as beautiful as Anse Lazio and is in fact known for being quite salty, the beach in Port Victoria has perhaps the best scenery in all of Seychelles. It's a great place if you are only interested in relaxing yourself on the beach, but is devoid of other activities. However, the scenery alone makes the Port Victoria beach rank among the best in the Seychelles.


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