Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Staying in a Seychelles villa can be as fun as booking a hotel

Most tourists going to the Seychelles for holidays will no doubt use one of the numerous online booking services to stay at a five-star Seychelles hotel or resort. However, this trend has been slowly but rather obviously changing during the recent years. Indeed, more people have starting booking sea view villas for various reasons. These villas offer several advantages when compared to the hotels and resorts, regardless of their rating, and are thus getting more numerous in the hotels.

The first advantage of staying in a villa or a Seychelles guesthouse is obviously the price. Compared to even a three-star hotel, a villa is relatively cheaper. Some people are going to argue that a villa however does not boast all the amenities compared to a popular hotel. While this is true, it is important to keep in mind that in many cases, those expensive amenities actually go unused. A hotel fee will include many things such as a private bar or the internet, which most tourists end up completely overlooking anyway. In a villa, the prices are cheaper since these amenities are not included.

The second advantage of choosing a Seychelles is the atmosphere. The Seychelles villas are known to have a more family-oriented atmosphere as opposed to hotels which, for all intent and purposes, care mainly about the business. So, if you just love family places where you can chat with a lot of other tourists, villas do have that benefit. In addition, a lot of villas are now self catering, which means you can pretty much eat any kind of food instead of always depending on a hotel menu.

Another huge benefit of using villas is that they tend to be quieter. This makes a huge difference for someone who wishes to have a thoroughly relaxing time in Seychelles. Hotels tend to be busy, and this bustling is known to be an annoyance to many tourists who feel they are still in the hometown. However, villas are cleaners and quieter since they have less people. These people have often chosen a villa because they like the quiet themselves, so you will not find them shouting at each other and suddenly playing the latest hip hop hit at four in the morning.

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