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The top 5 cars of Hollywood movies

Cars are an essential part of movies in Hollywood, and it is not surprising to see car-related movies coming out quite often. While the plots and action scenes have changed due to the technological advances both in cars and the movie industry, there is no denying that a car movie will be a big hit if done right. History has proven this with several blockbusters such as The Duel, Spielberg's first hit, American Graffiti, Bullitt, or even Death Race. There are also other movies that successfully ride over the success of car movies, but without actually becoming classics. This article takes a closer look at the top 5 cars found in movies.

5) The Ford Mustang GT 390 in Bullitt
Bullitt's Ford Mustang GT 390 may need a strong shout to be considered. It is true that it is completely lacking as far as gadgets go and cannot boast impressive abilities such as the Batmobile's auto-destruction feature or even James Bond's invisible car, but this GT 390 was among the best of its kind. That. And the seven-minute or so chase scene involving this Mustang and the Dodge Charger is still one of the most impressive car scenes ever filmed.

4) The Pontiac Trans Am in Smokey and the Bandit
While there is no denying that the car makes the man, there arise some cases where the man makes the car. In this case, the man and his mustache make the car. Indeed, Burt Reynold's Pontiac Trans Am in Smokey and the Bandit is one of the most memorable cars in Hollywood history. Just like the GT 390 in Bullit, this Pontiac is as regular as it gets, but was involved in one of the most insane missions seen in a movie. And it did have a very unique feature: a runaway bride through half the movie.

3) The De Lorean from the Back to the Future trilogy
The De Lorean is every little boy's dream come true and not simply for its time-travelling abilities. This extremely stylish car boasts an amazingly slick outline, complete with a flux capacitor and a plutonium-powered nuclear reactor (since plutonium is a readily available item at the closest Walmart), and will travel at dizzying speeds that very likely send the driver into the future. Of course, with a title as mysterious as Back to the Future, it is not surprising that the car's been designed to be as mysterious and interesting as possible.

2) The Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinder
Bulletproof glass? Check. People are just going to be shooting at James Bond anyway. Machine guns? Check. Whoever fires at James Bond will get fired at. Radar? Check. Satellite navigations are too common for James Bond. The Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinder pretty much redefined the Bond car. It's gorgeous and boasted the most impressive list of Bond gadgets at that time. And it's being driven by Sean Connery, so it deserves the nod over competitors.

1) The Batmobile from The Dark Knight
It may look ugly at first, but the design of The Dark Knight's Batmobile is one that grows onto viewers the more it is seen on-screen. Not only that, but this car just oozes style. Its plethora of incredible gadgets, which includes the whole car being even grenade-proof, is nothing less than one would expect from Batman. Did I also mention that the car can transform into a motorbike if it's too damaged?

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