Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The top 5 things to do in Seychelles

Seychelles is an extremely popular destination, and tourists from all over the world go there every year for a thoroughly relaxing time on the beaches during their vacation. However, although Seychelles is infamous for its beaches, it should be said that there are many other satisfying things one can do while staying in the Seychelles. Here are the top 5 things, excluding the beaches, one can do when visiting the Seychelles:

1) Taste the unique Seychelles recipes
Anybody who has been to the Seychelles once will tell you this: the native recipes are among the best in the world. Their fresh ingredients and unique flavor make Seychelles cuisine very delicious and their dish arrangement is quite mouth-watering. The main recipes in Seychelles are obviously based on fish, but there's something for everyone's taste. There are literally dozens of restaurants in Seychelles which have better food than the hotels. It is thus a good idea to dine out on a few occasions so you don't miss on the food.

2) Go clubbing
Although not on par with European or even Asian clubs in size and atmosphere, the Seychelles clubs have a distinctive atmosphere that is very popular with tourists. There are not that many clubs in the Seychelles, but they are definitely worth visiting regardless of your age and music preferences. The clubs are also always a great place to get to know the locals better.

3) Nature rides
Seychelles is an island, and, like most islands, there are wide spaces that are perfect for riding and hiking. There are places where you can rent a bike scattered all over the Seychelles, and it's always fun to hire a few bikes and go riding on the lush plains presents in the Seychelles.

4) Snorkeling
In addition to its infamous beaches, Seychelles is also well known for its snorkeling sites, which is not surprising when one considers that it is located in arguably the best region in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles marine fauna and flora are almost unmatched in the world, making it the perfect destination for snorkeling fans. However, due to the quite expensive rental prices of snorkeling gear, it is recommended you bring your own if possible.

5) Shopping
You will not find the latest technology gadgets in the Seychelles, but you will easily find a lot of beautiful local hand-made products such as jewelries, paintings, and sculptures that make great souvenirs. Prices are also quite low, and shopping around for the most unique souvenir is always extremely fun.

Just going around in the Seychelles is also great fun. However, if you signed up on a package deal, this is often difficult as you are expect to stick to the hotel's schedule. It is thus recommended to contact a Seychelles car hire company so you can visit the island at your own leisure.

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