Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The most important considerations to improve your Bing website ranking

Although Google easily retains the largest market share of the search engines, Bing has emerged and, while not as popular as Google, still has its users and fans. One thing many people do not fail to notice is that Google and Bing offer radically different results for the same keywords. As such, many webmasters are trying to understand how to obtain a high rank in Bing for their specific keywords.

1) Content
The infamous and dreaded "Content is king" motto has never been more true than with Bing. Microsoft's search engine places a whole lot of emphasis on your website content, which has been proven again and again by numerous webmaster tests (since one will not suffice). Having tons of quality content is thus the first step towards obtaining a good ranking in Bing. It is also important to regularly add new content to your website so that the Bing crawler will visit it more often and index a maximum number of pages.

2) On-site optimization
On-site optimization is also extremely important in Bing, even more so than with Google. As such, it is necessary to ensure that your website is fully optimized according to search engine recommendations. This includes using a proper site architecture and the use of keywords in title and header tags, among others. It is also recommended to include your keywords in your domain name and URLs since these are the first things Bing will look at when it comes to your website optimization.

3) Links
Just as with Google, the best way to improve your website ranking in Bing is by getting quality links to your website. It should however be noted that, while links are important in both Google and Bing, they do not treat these exactly the same. While Google places a strong emphasis on anchor text, Bing thus instead looks at other factors such as the content of the linking page. The implementation of NoFollow in the two search engines also differs, as Bing seems to actually give them some consideration.

As seen above, obtaining a good ranking in Bing is not that difficult. The most challenging part is to obtain good rankings in both Google and Bing without incurring penalties. By taking the points above into consideration, you will be able to steadily improve your ranking without getting penalized.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

How to improve your website ranking on Bing

Although most people still primarily use Google and the latter has the biggest search engine market share, Bing has emerged as a good competitor for everybody's favorite (or not, depending on whether or not you are a webmaster) search engine. However, one thing many people have not failed to notice is that Google and Bing offer drastically different results for the same keywords. As such, many webmasters are trying to figure out how to rank well in Bing for their targeted keywords. This article outlines how to achieve a good ranking in Bing for your website.

1) Content
The "Content is king" motto has never been so true with Bing. Microsoft's new search engine actually places more emphasis on content than Google, and numerous tests by webmasters have proved this. Having a lot of content is the first step to ranking well on Bing. It is also important to regularly add new content to your website as this will indicate to Bing that the website is being often updated and thus causes Bing to crawl your search engine more often, thereby effectively leading to better ranks.

2) On-site optimization
Bing also places more emphasis on on-site optimization. As such, you need to ensure that your website is fully optimized. This includes having a proper website architecture, using keyword-rich menus and links, having appropriate title and header tags. A keyword-rich domain name, along with the targeted keywords in URLs and file names, are also given good weight by Bing and will contribute to your website achieving higher ranks.

3) Links
Like Google, one of the best ways to improve your rank Bing is to get links to your website. However, it should be noted that Google's and Bing's handling of incoming links differ. While Google places a lot of emphasis on the anchor text, Bing does not give this as much weight but instead focuses on the linking page's content such as its title and header tags. Both Google and Bing do values quality links though. Bing is also more lenient than Google and treats the NoFollow attribute differently from Google. While NoFollow links will not pass as much rank juice as a DoFollow link even in Bing, it nevertheless contributes towards a website's ranking.

As seen above, optimizing your website for Bing is not that different. Obviously, getting a website to rank high in both Google and Bing is quite challenging since their algorithms are different, but by applying these steps in mind, it is possible to bump your website to the first three results in both search engines without having to resort to black hat techniques.

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Monday, 8 November 2010

How to find cheap accommodation for your Seychelles holiday

Seychelles is a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean. While Seychelles actually comprises of more than 100 islands, a lot of these are extremely small. As such, Seychelles is mainly known for its main islands such as Mahe and Praslin. These islands are also the ones that are visited by tourists as they are extremely popular for their beautiful beaches. Since Seychelles is a tourist destination, there are numerous hotels are over it, and people have a wide choice when they wish to visit the Seychelles. However, most people will want to find cheap accommodation as several of these hotels and resorts can be quite expensive.

The best way to find cheap accommodation in Seychelles is to do your research online. There exists numerous Seychelles hotel booking websites that will list all the best offers available at any time of the year. These websites will sort the Seychelles hotels according to your requirements and allow you to book them without even having to visit that particular hotel's website. A great thing about these Seychelles booking websites is that they almost always provide their own promotions, which is their way to trying to attract most visitors.

However, in some instances, you can try different techniques to find even cheaper accommodation for your holiday in Seychelles. Indeed, the price set on such websites can often be negotiated. Since Seychelles relies heavily on its tourism industry, they are often eager to provide you with new deals to convince you to visit the islands. As such, one good way of striking up excellent deals is by directly contacting a resort and trying to establish a good deal with them. Depending on the number of guests this would provide them and how long you plan to stay, along with other factors such as whether you will be hiring a car with the hotel itself, they will be quite happy to customize a package for your deal.

Moreover, couples goings to the Seychelles on honeymoon will find it even easier to find cheap accommodation since they can get a lot of freebies from the hotels. Another important thing to note is that Seychelles accommodation does not limit itself to hotels and resorts. There are indeed numerous self catering villas and guesthouses that are even cheaper and yet provide great lodging for your Seychelles holidays.

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Monday, 1 November 2010

Quick tips on choosing a holiday villa

While hotels and resorts used to be the preferred form of accommodation for tourists, a lot of people are now opting to stay in villas or guesthouses when visiting other countries. This explains the increase of the number of villas across all tourist destinations. Since these villas have already established themselves as a quite popular accommodation type especially in small destinations such as the Seychelles or Malta, it is no surprise that tourists are always looking for more information on such villas. The following is the list of tips that must be taken into consideration when choosing a villa.

1) Price
Obviously, the price of the villa should be one of your first considerations. The villa you choose should be cheaper than a hotel as it will not have all the amenities and facilities proposed by a hotel or resort. Moreover, it should be noted that while both hotels and villas can be graded in stars, a 5-star villa will not actually equal a 5-star luxury hotel.

2) Room types
Villas typically provide two categories of room types. The first type is the family room which usually caters for a family of two parents and two children. The second type is usually for honeymooners where a room has been designed and decorated for a couple. Depending on what kind of holiday you want, you thus need to know what kind of rooms your villa will provide.

3) Location
The location of the villa is extremely important. Most villas are located within walking distance of the beach and some will even be right next to the beach and provide spectacular sea views (although these rooms are always booked and one can consider oneself lucky to book such a room). However, there are certain exceptions where a villa may be quite far from the beach. This is especially the case for newer villas in popular tourist destinations.

4) Terms and conditions
When you choose a villa, you must be careful of the terms and conditions of your booking, which are usually included in the fine print of the agreement. It is also important to note that there are different classifications for villas. As an example, a villa can be completely self catering while another guesthouse's tariffs may include breakfast and lunch. Not paying enough attention to these details can cause you to far exceed your travel budget, and it is thus important to know what kind of villa you are choosing.

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