Monday, 8 November 2010

How to find cheap accommodation for your Seychelles holiday

Seychelles is a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean. While Seychelles actually comprises of more than 100 islands, a lot of these are extremely small. As such, Seychelles is mainly known for its main islands such as Mahe and Praslin. These islands are also the ones that are visited by tourists as they are extremely popular for their beautiful beaches. Since Seychelles is a tourist destination, there are numerous hotels are over it, and people have a wide choice when they wish to visit the Seychelles. However, most people will want to find cheap accommodation as several of these hotels and resorts can be quite expensive.

The best way to find cheap accommodation in Seychelles is to do your research online. There exists numerous Seychelles hotel booking websites that will list all the best offers available at any time of the year. These websites will sort the Seychelles hotels according to your requirements and allow you to book them without even having to visit that particular hotel's website. A great thing about these Seychelles booking websites is that they almost always provide their own promotions, which is their way to trying to attract most visitors.

However, in some instances, you can try different techniques to find even cheaper accommodation for your holiday in Seychelles. Indeed, the price set on such websites can often be negotiated. Since Seychelles relies heavily on its tourism industry, they are often eager to provide you with new deals to convince you to visit the islands. As such, one good way of striking up excellent deals is by directly contacting a resort and trying to establish a good deal with them. Depending on the number of guests this would provide them and how long you plan to stay, along with other factors such as whether you will be hiring a car with the hotel itself, they will be quite happy to customize a package for your deal.

Moreover, couples goings to the Seychelles on honeymoon will find it even easier to find cheap accommodation since they can get a lot of freebies from the hotels. Another important thing to note is that Seychelles accommodation does not limit itself to hotels and resorts. There are indeed numerous self catering villas and guesthouses that are even cheaper and yet provide great lodging for your Seychelles holidays.

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