Friday, 3 December 2010

The top 3 reasons to visit the Seychelles

It is safe to say that the Seychelles islands have quickly become leading tourist destination. Even the current economic conditions have done very little dampen the mood of tourists who will often cite the Seychelles as around of the most exotic destinations in the whole world. In case you are still wondering why the Seychelles have become so popular so quickly, here are three simple reasons that explain why people lose these Indian Ocean islands so much.

1) The beaches
Put simply, the Seychelles beaches rank among the finest in the world. Put longer, the Seychelles beaches are extremely beautiful and are moreover made even more popular by the fact that they are relatively untouched by man. Additionally, there are tons of beaches in the Seychelles which is in fact comprised of as many as 110 islands. Obviously, the more popular ones are always going to be packed with tourists, but given the wide choice it's extremely easy to avoid these crowds.

2) The inland discoveries
Assuming you do get tired of the beaches (which is as unlikely as it comes), there are quite literally tons of things to discover throughout the Seychelles. The islands have numerous jungles that beg to be explored, and hikers have a great choice between the forests and the trails that are scattered throughout the Seychelles. Regardless of where you are staying in the Seychelles, which could range from a La Digue hotel to a 5-star Praslin hotel, it is easy to schedule a proper trip to explore the islands.

3) The relaxing atmosphere
Another pretty much unique thing in the Seychelles is its relaxing atmosphere. The islands’ great weather and their suitability as a tourist destination, combined with their popularity with honeymooners and families alike, mean that the most famous Indian Ocean islands are easily one of the most popular destination in the world. A lot of people go there just for relaxing and indeed do not bother about all the activities actually available there which include snorkeling and hiking.

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