Friday, 10 December 2010

What are boutique hotels?

Tourism is an always growing business, and as such, hotels are common all over the world. The vast majority of tourists automatically decide to reside in hotels due to the absolute popularity of these without bothering to look at up on the other types of lodging that are generally offered at cheaper rates. One of these kinds of accommodation types is the boutique hotel, which is usually altogether ignored by tourists and which is a features of many Seychelles hotels, but has very often gotten acclaim for its distinctive features.

A boutique hotel is an individual hotel that does not form part of the regular large chain hotel group. Although a boutique hotel does not form part of such groups, this really does not mean that it will probably be of lesser quality. As a matter of fact, boutique hotels are actually recognized for providing great amenities and for commonly possessing a classy and even stylish appearance. These boutique hotels are in addition known for being more intimate, as easily demonstrated by the ones existing in famous honeymoon spots such as the Seychelles and Mauritius. A very good example of such a Mauritius hotel is the Paradise Cove Hotel & Spa.

A number of the amenities offered by boutique hotel rooms include air conditioning (obviously a must depending on the destination), fast Internet connection, and television. Other boutique hotels on the other hand choose to focus on delivering a much more intimate experience and focus on providing comfy rooms at the expense of the facilities they will deliver. These can generally be noticed in more exotic places even though there are a few cases of such boutique hotels in main cities.

A lot of boutique hotels are furthermore rather small and will not include more than a hundred bedrooms in the majority of cases, but some boutique hotels from main towns might have a much larger number of rooms. Additionally, numerous boutique hotels are themed and will choose a certain theme to connect with their brand name. These themes typically range from oriental styles to more modern ones. This usually works wonders in acquiring loyal clients and is also fantastic at acquiring new visitors that appreciate the excitement of discovering a new theme.

Boutique hotels typically provide services on a 24-hour basis given that many customers will have diverse check in and checkout times. They also provide their own dining places, which offer a broad range of meals and food selections, as well as pubs that are typically open to the general public. While these boutique hotels are not as popular as regular hotels, they do have their own market share and casual tourists are progressively becoming aware of their existence.

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