Monday, 3 October 2011

Mauritius and Magascar shipping

If you are looking for Mauritius shipping or Madagascar shipping services, you may want to check out Southern Marine, one of the leading shipping agents in Mauritius. They offer various additional services including:
  • port agency representative
  • dry docking and repairs
  • bunkering and fresh water supply
  • customs clearing.
Their website is found at, and you will no doubt find more information there.

Monday, 5 September 2011

In space, nobody can hear you SHIT YOUR PANTS!

You may have noticed that this blog is slowly being abandoned, which is made even more amazing by the fact that it was not even regularly updated before. A few months ago, inspiration struck me (it happens at most twice a year) and I have consequently launched a Mauritius-related blog at

The kick-ass thing about this blog is that it is also an experiment in search marketing. Hopefully, this side project will not die. The first results, which include this spectacular (sort of) blog entry relating to Mauritius news and newspapers are indicating that I may actually carry this on for at least 1 year, something unheard of before! Yes, I am aware that both blogs are using the exact same layout but that's temporary until I can hire someone for 50 cents an hour to Wordpress it.

Rest assured that this blog will still be updated from time to time, but I nevertheless recommend adding my other blog to your bookmarks, signing up to be instantly notified of updates, and sharing it on Twitter and Facebook.

Or you could just watch Germany trash Austria 6-2 in the Euro 2012 qualifiers. The current Germany squad is looking bloody awesome.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Mauritius paintings by Rosy Kiara Rita Ferrara

Rosy Kiara Rita Ferrara is an artist known for her abstract and decorative paintings. Although born in South Africa of an Italian family, Rosy Ferrara now lives in Mauritius, and she is renowned for her abstract and decorative work. She has now launched her own website where you can marvel at a sample of her unique paintings. If you wish to find out more, simply check the official Rosy Kiara Rita Ferrara Mauritius Paintings website.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The best western showdowns

Although this blog is getting less and less updated as time inevitably flows by, I do frequently guest blog on other websites. My guest blogging ventures have recently seen me writing about the best western showdowns. If you enjoy a good old western too, don't skip it. Yes, I have limited the list to only 2 entries, but that's mainly because I did not want to go on and include more westerns than you can fit on your desk. There are way too many brilliant showdowns and even a top 5 list would easily result in a 2000-word post.

Or you could just watch this:

Monday, 31 January 2011

The Indian Ocean islands

The Indian Ocean islands are quite famous as tourist destinations. Since they are in the Indian Ocean, they already have the advantage of boasting incredible weather. Consequently, the islands in the Indian Ocean indeed classify as tropical islands. Moreover, these are known for having stunning beaches, which is why they all rely a lot on their tourism industry. Most people know mainly about the Seychelles and maybe Mauritius because the latter is actually more developed, but there are several islands that are worth visiting in the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius is an island in the south west of the Indian Ocean and is the second most popular African island. One thing many people forget is that Mauritius is actually part of the Mascareigne Islands along with Reunion and Rodrigues, which is in fact a district of Mauritius. Mauritius has the distinct average of being more developed than the other Indian Ocean islands. As such, there are tons of things for tourists to do, and it boasts some extremely developed and vibrant towns. The Mauritius hotel numbers are also very large with a variety of accommodation for tourists.

The island of Reunion is located quite close to Mauritius and is mostly known for having an active volcano. Although Reunion is almost as beautiful as most other Indian Ocean islands, its tourism industry is not quite as developed, most likely because it is in fact part of France. Reunion island is also known for its mountains and forests, and it is probably the most mountainous island in the Indian Ocean. However, the cost of life is more expensive there and its tourist accommodations are not as diverse and as excellent as in other islands.

Seychelles is the most popular island of the Indian Ocean for very good reasons. This beautiful island is renowned for its magnificent beaches and its raw beauty. Seychelles is in fact an archipelago of 110 islands and relies almost exclusively on its tourism industry. This works out fine as Seychelles ranks among the top three destinations in the world and is widely regarded as the best location for honeymoons and wedding vacations. It also has the best climate out of all the Indian Ocean islands and is indeed a brilliant place for relaxing thanks to its laid-back lifestyle and the quality of the hotels Seychelles.

The Maldives, which is the smallest Asian country, is also quite popular with tourists and is famous for its unique geography and its uniqueness as an island. Indeed, Maldives is in fact an archipelago of no less than 1,900 incredibly small islands, some of which can be covered within minutes even on foot. Out of those 1,900 islands, only 185 are actually inhabited. However, the Maldives islands are extremely beautiful and are known for their blue lagoons and superb beaches.

Madagascar is the closest island to the African continent and is also the largest single one in the Indian Ocean. It is ultimately known for having an exclusive flora and fauna, which has made it very popular with experts in those fields. However, due to many civil issues and an unstable economic climate, Madagascar is not an ideal tourist destination. It is in fact often completely ignored and is not a common tourist destination.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

GoDaddy .info domains down

It seems that GoDaddy .info domain names are not working since yesterday and that a lot of users are complaining about this critical issue on their forums, which is well in line with my GoDaddy sucks post. As usual, GoDaddy is completely ignoring their requests, instead focusing on how to spam their sign up even more.

I can just picture some GoDaddy executives snickering at the whole situation closely related to their 2011 resolution of "Let's screw everybody more!".