Monday, 5 September 2011

In space, nobody can hear you SHIT YOUR PANTS!

You may have noticed that this blog is slowly being abandoned, which is made even more amazing by the fact that it was not even regularly updated before. A few months ago, inspiration struck me (it happens at most twice a year) and I have consequently launched a Mauritius-related blog at

The kick-ass thing about this blog is that it is also an experiment in search marketing. Hopefully, this side project will not die. The first results, which include this spectacular (sort of) blog entry relating to Mauritius news and newspapers are indicating that I may actually carry this on for at least 1 year, something unheard of before! Yes, I am aware that both blogs are using the exact same layout but that's temporary until I can hire someone for 50 cents an hour to Wordpress it.

Rest assured that this blog will still be updated from time to time, but I nevertheless recommend adding my other blog to your bookmarks, signing up to be instantly notified of updates, and sharing it on Twitter and Facebook.

Or you could just watch Germany trash Austria 6-2 in the Euro 2012 qualifiers. The current Germany squad is looking bloody awesome.

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